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Ecocert IMOswiss AG has already certified forest organizations of all sizes, either as single or group certificates. Especially in case of group certificates, we have experience with various constellations: from loose affiliations of several organizations to local forests entirely managed by the forestry commission office (resource manager). Currently, the regional focus is on Germany and neighboring countries, but also in China several forest organizations have been certified by Ecocert IMOswiss AG. Furthermore, we also managed all kinds of projects in India and Latin-America.

Among others, we realized studies and certification for eucalyptus and pine plantations in Chile and Brazil and for natural rubber plantations in India. Certification of natural forest management covers many different kinds of forest eco systems: From rain forests of the lowlands in the Amazonas Basin of Peru for the production of Brazil nuts to Chilean natural forests of moderate latitudes and dry forest associations. In China, we have certified bamboo forests and bamboo processing. Also in India, preliminary studies for bamboo management in agro forestry systems have been realized.



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