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Please find below a list of all important documents and additional links.
Some pages or documents are only available in English, especially concerning the FSC® standards. In some cases, you will find translated documentation on the websites of the national FSC working groups. Ecocert IMOswiss AG also offers summaries in different languages. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for something special!

Some documents are not indicated with a direct link, as some files are only part of a list. In this case, together with the name the complete number is mentioned so that you can easily find the respective standard.

Please note: Ecocert IMOswiss AG does not assume any liability for the content of other websites.



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Forest Management (FM) - English
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Forest Management (FM)- German 
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Forest Management (FM)- French
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Chain of Custody (COC) - EnglishDownload Document
Chain of Custody (COC) - GermanDownload Document
Chain of Custody (COC) - FrenchDownload Document
Chain of Custody (COC) - PortugueseDownload Document
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Documents: Forest Management

Standards for Forest Management
FSC International Standard – FSC Principles and Criteria: FSC-STD-01-001
FSC Standard for Groups: FSC-STD-30-005
Naturland Guideline

Regional standards:

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Further Information:

Upcoming FSC Forest Management Assessments:
Public reports:

Search certified forest on -> When found: See Documents
Control of the validity of a certificate (FSC):
Control of the validity of a certificate (PEFC):

Documents: Wood and Paper


FSC Standards, among others:
  • CoC – FSC-STD-40-004
  • Logo / Trademark – FSC-STD-50-001
  • Controlled Wood – FSC-STD-40-005
  • Multi-Site – FSC-STD-40-003
  • Reclaimed (Recycled) material – FSC-STD-40-007
FSC Procedures, among others:
  • Risk evaluations CW – FSC-PRO-60-002a
  • Development of National Group COC Eligibility Criteria


PEFC Standards – English:
  • CoC Standard ST 2002:2013
  • Logo Usage Rules ST 2001:2008 V2
PEFC Standards – German:
  • CoC Standard – PEFC ST 2003:2013
  • Logo Usage Rules - PEFC D 1004:2010

Further information

FSC International
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FSC Germany
FSC Switzerland
PEFC International
PEFC Germany
PEFC Switzerland
PEFC Austria
Naturland – Verband für ökologischen Landbau e. V.

General documents

Please download the documents by clicking on your language version.

Appeals and Complaints Procedures

Public available information


Department of Forestry & Timber
Fon +41 (0) 71 626 0 628 and
        +49 (0) 7531 9429130 (FM)
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