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The general procedure of an audit is the same for both FSC® and PEFCTM. After concluding the contract, all requirements of the relevant standards are controlled during the audit, above all to which extend the already existing documents or norms already comply with the FSC and PEFC standards respectively. In this context, all steps of production and documentation are controlled, with the participation of the responsible staff. Requirements like the use of the FSC/PEFC labels, bookkeeping and the correct declaration of the products on invoices and delivery notes are discussed during the first audit.
All data and information from the organization are treated strictly confidential.

1. Contact Ecocert IMOswiss AG and we discuss your situation and conditions. You can also fill in our application form. 4. After the conclusion of the contract you will receive further documents for audit preparation. 7. After having successfully concluded the audit, you will receive the certificate and will be included in the public data base of FSC.
2. You receive an offer according to your special requirements.5. During the on-site audit, the compliance of your organization with the relevant standards is controlled. 8. Annual audits guarantee the constant compliance of the standard. This is mandatory within both systems.
3. If desired, we also offer a preliminary on-site control of certain issues identified as important by you with reduced effort. 6. A report documents the results of the audit and describes the necessary corrective actions of the organization. Advice: In case of a combined certification (PEFC and FSC), costs for each system will be reduced.



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