Natural Origin or Organic Candles & Home Fragrances

The environmental awareness of consumers is growing and also in the production of candles and home fragrances increasing importance is emphasized to the use of natural, renewable raw materials.
However, for consumers it is very hard to assess whether manufacturing processes and product ingredients respect the environment. Ecocert has responded to the desire for an official standard for these products by the development of the Ecocert standard for candles and home fragrances.
This standard was created in collaboration with candle and home fragrances experts and introduced in 2014. The standard aims to promote more environmentally friendly processes and to provide higher transparency for consumers.
Therefore, Ecocert checks the absence of GMOs, synthetic fragrances and animal ingredients (with the exemption of milk, honey etc.) in all products. The products must be free from animal testing. Furthermore, only recyclable or biodegradable packaging may be used.

Two certification levels


Certification for products of natural origin
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Synthetic ingredients only as denaturants for alcohols, to be found in the restrictive list in Annex IV
  • No minimum of organic ingredients


Certification for organic products
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Synthetic ingredients only as denaturants for alcohols, to be found in the restrictive list in Annex IV
  • At least 10% of the ingredients are from organic farming
  • At least 95% of the plant ingredients (except alcohol) are from organic farming
  • Alcohol needs to be certified organic

Inform the consumers

Certified manufacturers and brand owners of candles and home fragrances must achieve a high degree of transparency: The complete list of all ingredients must be indicated on the product label and various precautions must be taken by the company with regard to the environment.

Yearly inspection of manufacturers or brand owners

Production processes are as important as the product content. The standard requires an effective quality system which enables to trace the product along the entire production line from the origin of the ingredients to the final product.
Audited companies whose products are certified must develop an environmental management system to reduce water and energy consumption and to improve the waste and drainage management.

Further Information


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