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Invitation for public consultation: Ongoing Revision of the Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade Scheme

A first version of the revised Fair for Life / For Life scheme is complete and will be open for public and formal consultation from November 2nd to December 5th. Please click here for more details…

Preconsultation closed: Ongoing Revision of IMO's Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade Scheme

The first phase of Preconsultation in the Fair For Life revision process is over. You can consult the results here. The information gathered in the Preconsultation will now be used to work out a first draft of the revised standard. Remember that in November 2016 the draft scheme will be available to identified stakeholders and the public, without restriction.
The Fair for Life Scheme is regularly updated and revised to account for new developments in the social and fair trade sector and to ensure continuous improvement of the scheme.
>> Read more about the actual revision process and its context…

Fair for Life completes GSCP Equivalence Process Benchmarking

IMO´s Fair for Life Fair Trade and Social Responsibility Programme today finalised the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP) Equivalence Process as the first product certification scheme that applies to a wide range of products, ensures fair production conditions down to farm level and is guaranteed by an independent ISO 17065 accredited certification body.

By means of the GSCP Equivalence Process Fair for Life has been benchmarked against international best practice of existing sustainability systems and standards as set out in the GSCP Reference Tools. The results of the benchmarking process are now available for sharing and comparing on the GSCP Equivalence Process’ online platform (by registered platform users only).

We share the GSCP´s vision of more transparency, comparability and trust in global sustainable sourcing. We are very proud to have our well established, independent Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade Programme finish the assessment. The in depth benchmarking process against the GSCP Reference code and Audit Process and Methodology tool was a valuable exercise in our continuous efforts to strengthen and further improve the Fair for Life Programme. In turn, this will further facilitate recognition of Fair for Life by different market actors with their varying social codes and expectations”, said Florentine Meinshausen, author of the Fair For Life Programme.

>> Read full press release in English or in German...

Best wishes for 2016!

To mark the New Year, ECOCERT and IMO invite all customers, partners and employees to plant a tree. Following the COP21 and its initiatives aimed at raising awareness of climate change, ECOCERT and IMO are promoting the planting of 1,000 trees through Reforest’ACTION projects around the world.
Customers, partners and employees have been given access to the ECOCERT/IMO forest, allowing them to plant a tree in the country of their choice. Every tree that’s digitally planted on the virtual plot will be planted in the real world by Reforest’ACTION’s private partners (social enterprises, NGOs, etc.) in association with various public entities (city and regional governments, educational authorities, etc.). Each participant is contributing to supporting “the restoration of degraded forests and the socio-economic development of populations through reforestation”, and can monitor the project that they have chosen at any time in the “news” space. As a chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”


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